Solazur is a mix of authenticity, confidence and detailed beauty. Witness the Simplicity and modesty of copper. Admire the Uniqueness of mineral stones. Fall in love with the palette of Colorful reflections of Austrian and Czech crystal glass.

Solazur jewelry brand was born in 2016 in Montreal, Canada out of my passion for copper and glass. Since then, certain metals and mineral stones that I noticed I am attracted to, have been added as my base materials to work with.
I am fascinated how beautiful copper blends while incorporated in a design with glass or stones. It gives a certain feel and look. A semi vintage allure, as I like to say.  
I love designing one of a kind jewelry in which I express my passion for nature, fashion and colours. My favorite metal to incorporate with my designs is copper. I love its vintage look that blends with glass's shine and mineral stones unique natural patterns. 

My inspiration when creating starts from a spark of a glass bead or a certain colour or textures I see in a picture frame, textile, a house decor article or a walk in nature. 

Creativity has no limits! it's all about the fashion and style - fashion does have an influence when I chose the colors for a new collection. I do want to make sure that if someone prefers more neutral shades rather than shinny colours, will be able to find and fall in love with a Solazur jewelry item.

It's all about feeling good wearing a one of a kind jewelry that was made exclusively for you. Spark some joy. Smile. Feel good about yourself!

Thank you so much for visiting my online store. If you need a certain jewelry item made in your favorite colour or material, let me know as my beads inventory has pretty much all colours of the rainbow! :-)

Dana (founder, designer and maker of Solazur jewelry) 

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